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pictoFrequently Asked Questions


Why should I integrate Rakuten France Webservices?

Rakuten France Webservices will increase your efficiency in sale management and help you to develop your business.

Is the Rakuten France Webservices offer fixed?

The Rakuten France Webservices offer is in the process of evolving to better answer to your professional needs and accompany the development of your activity.

What is the advantage of using the inventory management Webservice as opposed to an FTP?

By using Webservices, you will benefit from an inventory import report which will allow you to better understand the status of your imports and correct any potential errors.

What is the advantage to using the sales management Webservice?

You will be able to stay reactive when it comes to accepting sales as you will have access to the status of your sales in real time. This will help to improve your “response time” and “acceptance rate” indicators.

Why should I use the after-sales management Webservice?

You can use this Webservice to send tracking information and any other information relating to shipping to the buyer. Thanks to this system, you will also be able to receive your client’s questions or claims in real time, increasing your reactivity and thereby contributing to your customer’s satisfaction.

How can I sell better using Rakuten Webservices?

With the “listing” Webservice, you can monitor the competition and adapt your prices accordingly.

Is there technical assistance to help me integrate Rakuten France Webservices?

By using our contact form, you can benefit from communication with our technical support team dedicated to professional sellers. They will assist you with the set-up of your Rakuten France Webservices.