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Rakuten Webservices allow machines to communicate with each other, thereby reducing or eliminating altogether time-consuming human intervention.

They are intended to limit the technical efforts of integration and to gain access to information that was previously inaccessible.

What is a Webservice?

Webservices are new technical access points based on existing data and business rules (create a listing, validate a sale, answer messages, etc.).

These new technical access points are as follows:

  • Simple technical choices based on a REST Architecture
  • The Webservice is a simple URL to call upon with certain parameters
  • The answer is returned in text (xml) containing the requested information
  • Access is based on sending a token and an https login, ensuring security

API rate limitation

The base API rate limitation is 2000 calls per 30 minutes and 15 files per 30 minutes.
These rate limitations can be adapted if the need is justified.


  • Easy integration of your system of information using the Rakuten platform
  • A widespread functional perimeter: Import, Inventory, Order management, Pricing, After Sales…
  • Technical assistance
  • A technical support team dedicated to professionals who will assist you in the set-up of Rakuten Webservices

Our offer

We distinguish between four types of Webservices

Inventory management

These Webservices allow the seller to:

  • Search the Rakuten catalog in order to obtain information regarding competing products and listings
  • Import stock
  • Verify the import status

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New sales

This group of Webservices allows the seller to communicate with their information system in order to automate the management of new sales: listing new sales, confirmation or refusal of sales, etc.
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Post confirmation of sale actions

All of these Webservices allow you to manage your stock and interact with the buyer after you have confirmed a sale:

  • Retrieve information related to order shipment
  • Exchange messages with the buyer (for example sending information to the buyer regarding the shipping progress, receiving a question from the buyer after you have accepted a sale, etc.)
  • Exchange messages with Rakuten
  • Process claims

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These Webservices allow the seller to retrieve a list and details of financial transactions carried out using their e-Wallet via WS.
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